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Some common questions

Yes, you can add more users to collaboarate on your project by using the menu "Collaborators > Invite Collaborator". You will just enter their email address and role.

Yes, you can schedule to send your messages in future by setting the Date and Time in the "SEND AT" field when creating an SMS.

Yes, we offer you a completely FREE Trial when you create a talkzuri account. Create a new project and it will get free Messaging creadits that you can use to try our services. If in trouble simply contact us and we will set up a Free and Full Functional Trial account for you. (And get free messaging credits to start testing the quality of our service.)

The average time taken is less than a second! However sometimes congestion in networks may cause an unavoidable delay.

No, there is no maximum limit. However for better throughput please schedule only if necessary.

Bulk SMS works on prepaid basis. You can request for credits by logging into your talkzuri Project and selecting "Top up" under the billing menu.

The cost for per SMS works on volume basis. The cost can be negotiated on the basis of amount of SMS you buy.

No worries, our developers are here to help. Just contact us by filling a form HEREor write an email to [email protected]

Yes, you will automatically receive a SMS/email alert when the SMS credits are low. To set the Low balance alert level, log into your talkzuri Project and "Set Low Bal Alert" under the billing option.

Yes, your project will automatically be updated with credits immediately you make a Payment via the "Top Up" option under the billing menu.