Receive message callback

Sozuri will asynchronously send a callback to your application with the details of any messages that were received via either your SMS or WhatsApp channels (incoming messages sent from the end user’s mobile phone to your business account).

Note that the sequence in which message callbacks are received is not guaranteed to be the original sequence in which these messages were initiated by users. The callback will return the incoming messages with a timestamp generated upon receiving them in the Clickatell system. The exact implementation of this timestamp could vary from channel to channel.

Below is a standard callback sample when the message has been read by Sozuri:

Receive Message Callback to your webhook

    "messageId": "MSGBLK5F96B6A0CC2EB1603712672",
    "status": "success",
    "network": "safaricom",
    "type": "bulkDelivery",
    "timestamp": "1603713484"
Setting a username & password on callback (Optional Authentication)

It is possible to predefine an Auth Key for your message callbacks. This value will then be included as parameters in the body to allow your system to authenticate that the request is indeed from Sozuri.