Request TO the Sozuri OmniChannel API

Parameter Name Mandatory Type Description
project Yes String The name of the project that owns the apiKey making this request.
from Yes String This is the Sender ID defined in your project. It will default to Sozuri
to Yes String A comma separated string of recipients’ phone numbers. Define the messages destination in the international mobile number format .E164 e.g "25472xx64287,25472289xx45".   NB: talkzuri API will attempt to format your numbers accordingly eg.0722-503-129 is formatted to 254722503129
campaign No String Name of the campaign you are sending the message for.
channel No String Define the channel you wish to send your message with. Defaults to SMS
message Yes String Content of the message to be sent
type Yes String transactional or promotional. This must match the type of sender ID you are using. Note, regulations stipulate that a Sender ID can either be EXPLICITLY promotional or transactional.
apiKey - String The Project API Key. NB: Instead of having the apiKey in the body, it can alternatively be added as the Value of an Authorization header Bearer token instead. See its use in the Request header HERE
indepotenceKey No String Any unique value that will mark your request sent to talkzuri APIs e.g unq8y-1234w. Requests with the same indepotenceKey will be considered to be the sam e hence wont produce duplicate messages.< beta>
See an example Request from the Postman Collection: