Response FROM Sozuri OmniChannel API

The body of the response will be a JSON object containing the following fields:
Parameter Name Type Description
messageData String The eventual result of the sms request. It contains the count of sms: >
recipients String A list of recipients that you included in the request. Each recipient is a Map with the following fields
messageId String This is the unique talkzuri message ID returned in the response after the message is successfully accepted
to String This is the recipient’s phone number
status String Description of the status code eg. accepted, unknown_number. This is not indicative of the delivery status of the message.
statusCode String Unique code for the status (see Status Code table for details)
bulkId String The unique code identifying what batch of bulk sms request a message belongs to.
messagePart String This is the nuber of Full text messages. A Full message is made up of 160 characters.
type String This is the type of message. SMS is either promotional or transactional