Status callback URLs or Webhooks

You can configure the following Callback URLs for the Sozuri Omnichannel API integration. This will allow you to register the webhooks to receive callback information directly into your application.:-

a. Receive Message Callback URLStatus updates for all channels will be sent to a single Message Status Callback URL

b. Message Status Callback URLMessages received over all channels will be sent to a single Received Message URL

NOTE – The callback URLs are configured via the Sozuri Web Portal UI by going to Manage API > Callback URLs > Create new. Enter the callback URL in the field named "Where to receive notification for Delivery Status of Messages"

Sozuri will asynchronously send a callback to your application on the status update per message when received from the channel delivery supplier. The callbacks may arrive out of order, but a timestamp and messageID ( current Unix timestamp) is included with each callback for your reference.

Below is a standard callback sample when the message has been read by the recipient:

Callback to your SMS webhook. NB: This is a POST request.

   "messageId": "MSGBLK5F96B6A0CC2EB1603712672",
   "status": "success",
   "network": "safaricom",
   "type": "bulkDelivery",
   "timestamp": "1603713484"

Callback to your Whatsapp webhook. NB: This is a POST request.

Whatsapp message webhook events are generated when a message is received on a Whatsapp Business Number and when a message statuslog changes from queued, sent, delivered, undelivered or failed

    "messageId": "f659b9ba4d9551c39ca61498126da29f68a1c1e9",
    "from": "+254746482072",
    "to": "+254725164293",
    "campaign": null,
    "channel": "whatsapp",
    "message": "My Big Shop. Nairobi. Lo:12.La: 10",
    "type": "conversation",
    "contentType": "location",
    "direction": "outbound",
    "status": "delivered",
    "cost": "n",
    "description": "status update",
    "mediaUrl": null,
    "mediaCaption": null,
    "mediaType": null,
    "address": "Nairobi",
    "longitude": "12",
    "latitude": "10",
    "label": "My Big Shop"